The 20 best music videos of 2016: ‘I Love Kanye West’

The 20 most popular music videos in 2016 are a mix of real-life events and viral video, with each artist making his or her mark on the music world.1.

Drake – ‘My Way’ (2016)The track is the first time Drake has released a solo album, and it was one of his most popular releases in the past few years.

Drake is also credited with having helped to define the genre of ‘trap’ music, which has gained popularity in recent years.2.

Taylor Swift – ‘Blank Space’ (2015)This video was nominated for a Grammy Award for best dance video, but its popularity has only grown since it was released.

Swift has also collaborated with Kanye West, Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa on her new album, Speak Now.3.

Kanye West – ‘FML’ (2013)This music video has been viewed over 2 billion times on YouTube, making it the most-watched video on the site in 2016.

It has also become one of the most watched videos of all time, with nearly 2 million views.4.

Beyoncé – ‘Lemonade’ (2012)The video for Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ was voted the most viewed music video in 2016, but it has also seen an explosion in popularity over the past year.

The video was filmed in 2012, and was widely criticised for its controversial lyrics and its violent imagery.5.

Lil Wayne – ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ (2011)The song was nominated in 2013 for a Grammys’ Award, but the video has since received more than 500 million views, and has gone on to become one the most downloaded videos of the year.6.

Drake & Rihanna – ‘Ruthless’ (2010)The second single from Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ album has since become one for the ages.

It became the most streamed single in the US for a year and was nominated on multiple awards shows.7.

Lady Gaga – ‘Vogue’ (2009)The ‘Bad Romance’ video was released by the British hip-hop duo in 2009, which became the first video to win a Grammy for best video.8.

Kanye Lamar – ‘Famous’ (2008)This song was made famous in 2008 by Lil Wayne, when the rapper made a video of himself in a limo to promote his album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.9.

Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ (2007)The Eminem song ‘The Eminem Show’ was nominated twice for a MTV Music Award in 2007.

The winner was nominated again in 2008, and the video is still viewed almost 2 billion videos per day.10.

Taylor Lautner – ‘Miley Cyrus’ (2006)Lautner’s viral video for ‘The Party’ became the fifth most watched music video of the century.

The song has since been voted as one of MTV’s most influential videos, and received more nominations than any other video of all-time.11.

Drake, Wiz Khalif – ‘Runaway’ (2005)Drake’s ‘Run Away’ video has become a YouTube hit, with more than 1 billion views.

The track was nominated at the Grammys for best song and best rap video.12.

Beyonce – ‘Shake It Off’ (2004)Beyoncé’s video for the track ‘Shakes It Off’, which was nominated as the Best Dance Video in 2005, was also a hit.

It was the third most-streamed music video on YouTube and was the most played song on YouTube for more than three years.13.

Taylor Rose – ‘Dirty South’ (2002)The single ‘Dangerous Woman’ was the first track off Taylor’s first album ‘Shine a Light’, and it has since achieved mainstream success.

The hit has also been certified Gold by the Recording Academy.14.

Lady Marmalade – ‘All About The Love’ (2000)The first track from Marmalades debut album, All About The LOVE, was the second most-viewed video of 2016.15.

Jay-Z – ‘B.O.B.’

(2016, ‘Fancy’ & ‘New Slaves’ – 2016)The songs ‘New Slave 3’ and ‘Fantastic’ were also certified Gold.16.

Justin Bieber – ‘Hello’ (2014)The singer’s ‘Hello’, which has been certified Platinum by the RIAA, was voted as the most popular song of the decade.17.

Beyonces – ‘Formation’ (1998)The 1989 hit is considered one of her most popular songs.

The songs were certified Platinum, Gold and Triple Platinum in 1999, with the latter two platinum albums being certified Platinum in 2010.18.

Kanye – ‘Black Skinhead’ (1995)The controversial track has since gone on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to become a smash hit, becoming one of Kanye’s most-played