Inside the Big Five Companies That Are Making Real Estate Profits

When you talk to real estate professionals about the importance of being a savvy broker, the biggest word you hear is “competence.”

But it’s not just the pros who have to pay attention to their competitors.

There are also plenty of non-pros, like people who want to take a risk, like a student, who want an edge.

There’s a big market for both types of people.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.

The Top Five Real Estate Companies That Make Money for Brokers: 1.

Lendlease 2.

RealtyTrac 3.

LendingClub 4.

AffinityGroup 5.

Equinix (NASDAQ:EQX) Lendlease is a real estate brokerage and the most profitable in the industry.

Lender fees for a loan are around 3 percent.

They also charge interest rates between 2 percent and 3 percent, but they also offer discounts to borrowers who qualify.

Lenders also offer a $1,000 down payment and the option to get a loan at a low interest rate. 

AffinityGroup is a rental broker that offers home loans and other financing services.

The company has a low-cost mortgage insurance option and a low credit score.

They’re also known for their affordable loans.

The credit score and low interest rates are attractive to investors.

Equinsix is the most popular broker in the real estate industry.

Affinix is owned by the Warren Buffett family, which has made a name for itself in the online real estate market.

The stock is up more than 80 percent this year.

Equines also offers mortgages and mortgage insurance. 

Equinix also has a number of online mortgage products, including a loan application that is a bit more complicated than a typical loan application.

They’ve also added a $250,000 loan limit. 

The company also offers a number more loan options, including loans with no down payment.

2. 3.



Zillow Borrower is a company that offers loans to home buyers.

Their home loan products range from $500 to $2,500.

They offer home loans with adjustable monthly payments of up to 5 percent, with a down payment of at least 15 percent. 

Hire-a-Lien is a loan company that has a mortgage loan that is adjustable up to 30 percent and has a downpayment of at the lowest of 5 percent.

Home loans with a mortgage with a 0 percent down payment are also offered by Hire A-Lendle. 

Zillow is another real estate company that also offers home loan options. 

3. 4.


REINvolve Affiliate is another online realtor that offers a loan for home buyers, but it’s also a lender with a loan that has an adjustable down payment that is lower than 5 percent for loans of up for sale.

Affiliates offers a home loan that comes with a variable down payment for homebuyers. 

5. Homebuyers is a website that lets people compare home prices.

Their site has a wide range of real estate properties.

The site offers a mortgage for a down payments of 10 percent to 25 percent, and they also have a mortgage that comes up to 25 to 30 years.

Their website has a loan calculator that allows you to compare mortgage rates with lenders in your state. 


Trulia 7.

Zuckem 6. 7.

Trumplist 8. 9. (NAS)Zuckems website offers a range of mortgage options, with adjustable down payments. 


HUBHub 8.

HousingForHire 9. 10.

HumbleHome 11.

Humbreaks Home Mortgage 12.

Hometax 13.

Hometown Mortgage 14.

Homeshare 15.

Zumper 16.

ZUHoover 17. 18. 19. 20.