How to spot a scammer: Beware the signs that you’ve been scammed

Real estate agent Karine Storlien is having a tough time getting the word out about her agency’s scammer-proof real estate licenses.

“We are always in communication with the state attorney’s office, but there has been a slow decline in the number of cases,” she says.

The company she works for, Kiawahs Island Real Estate, has been caught scamming clients out of millions of dollars in real estate.

Storlian’s agency was sued in February after the company went to court alleging it was scamming consumers out of thousands of dollars by charging them inflated prices and lying to them.

The agency also used a phony agent to represent it to consumers.

“The company is very well-known in New York City.

They are a legitimate agency and I know that they do legitimate work,” Storilien says.

But now the company is facing a lawsuit by the New York State Attorney General for using a bogus agent.

The Attorney General’s Office claims Kiawhas Island Real Property, Inc., engaged in fraud by misrepresenting to consumers that it was licensed to practice real estate and selling real estate for sale.

The Attorney General says the company violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Protection Act by selling properties without a license.

“Kiawaha Island Realty and Kiawa Island Real estate, Inc. were engaged in a scheme to defraud the consumers and misled the consumers,” the Attorney General wrote in a lawsuit.

“Their actions were calculated to make millions of consumers suffer the costs of the scam.”

Storilian says she and her colleagues were shocked to see Kiawas Island real estate license, which is a state issued license, with fake documents, not a real estate agent.

“I was shocked when I saw the license,” she explains.

“They have not done a very good job.

They need to fix it.”

Storbien says she’s been contacted by other agencies about scammer licenses, but they’re also being slow to get the word to consumers who have been duped by the company.

The attorney general is asking the NewYork State Attorney for help with getting Kiaand Island Real Properties’ license to be revoked.

The company says it is considering its legal options.