Real Estate Agent Says Trump Was Not A Friend of Her and She Wasn’t the Target

The owner of a property on Maui says Donald Trump was not the person who was harassing her during the presidential election.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Amy Hirsch, a real estate agent with the Hawaiian Home Trust, said she was in Hawaii for the coronavirus season and the campaign was over when she went to a Trump rally.

She said Trump had been there for the past month and was one of the attendees of the Honolulu rally.

She said that when she asked a Trump supporter what the campaign meant by the word “friend,” he responded that she was “not a friend.”

“I thought it was kind of a funny comment,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch said she said the campaign had given her the option of staying away from Trump, but that she didn’t feel safe.

Harsch said she also did not feel safe during the transition period, when she was forced to relocate from her home on Mauimu, which she owns and used to rent out for $3,500 a month.

Hirsh, who has two children, said her husband was forced into homelessness and she couldn’t afford to send her children to school.

The Hawaii Home Trust said in a statement that Hirsch did not have the resources to move to the U.S. after the election.

Hirsch said her office received hundreds of emails and phone calls in recent weeks asking if she would support Trump.

Hines, a spokeswoman for Trump, said that he is not a friend of her and said she has never had an issue with him.

Hinsh said the Trump campaign was not trying to bully her, but she said she felt threatened and had to cancel her reservations.

“If someone was trying to intimidate me, they are trying to take away my ability to live my life,” she said.

“I’m a single mother of four kids.”

Hines said she is not sure what to do with her belongings.

She is currently living in a friend’s house on Mauau, where she has her son.