How to get a real estate lease in Maryland

The process of obtaining a Maryland real estate permit to rent a property can be a challenging one.

To qualify, you must: 1.

Make sure the property you are interested in is licensed as a residential real estate broker or salesperson.


Fill out a short application, which can be completed online or by phone, and submit a copy of your license to the licensing agency.


Send your application, and your fee, along with a check or money order to: Maryland Real Estate Commission (MDREC) P.O. Box 2501, Rockville, MD 21220.


Wait at least a week for your application to be processed by the licensing authority.

If you need assistance in completing your application or in obtaining a license, you can call the MDREC office at 410-972-0200 or visit their website at

Your license will be issued in four to six months.


After that, you may apply for a permit.

There is a fee for each permit, but it is a reasonable fee.

A permit is valid for a specified period of time, usually 20 years.


You can obtain a real property permit from your local county clerk.

You should also contact your county code enforcement office for additional information.


If the county code officer is able to assist you with the application process, he or she will issue the license and will send you a check for the license fee.


You may apply online through the Maryland Real Property Information Center at www and use the application portal to complete your application.