How to buy the best home in the world

AUSTIN, Texas — You may have seen the ad for a Dallas suburb’s new home.

It looks to be on the cusp of becoming a real estate market titan.

If you don’t, you probably aren’t the type to look at the ad and get interested.

It’s an advertisement for an Austin real estate listing, and it features a man with a large tattoo on his chest that looks like a cartoon frog.

A man with an oversized tattoo is on the Austin Real Estate Board website for an “interior remodeling project.”

It features an old-fashioned house that’s been completely renovated.

The ad is called “Pilot House,” and it’s currently listed for $924,000.

It’s not the cheapest house in the city, but it’s in the top 10.

The house’s owner, an Austin-area real estate developer named Steve Jones, says he has no idea why it has such a high bid.

“It’s not that it’s the cheapest, but because of the size, it looks really nice,” Jones said.

Jones says he sold the property to a realtor for $1.9 million.

I have no idea what he did to make it the top spot, but he did a great job, Jones said, adding that he’s looking forward to working with the builder.

Pilot Houses is not the first time a builder has built a house that drew attention for its size.

The listing is for a house in a small town in Wisconsin.