Feds investigating fake home invasion and sexual assault claim ‘a very large number’ of crimes against victims

The FBI and the Department of Justice are investigating allegations of a “very large number” of fake home invasions and sexual assaults, officials said Thursday.

Key points:The investigation is part of the Department’s broader probe into alleged online predators” The FBI is also looking into the misuse of social media by online predatorsThe investigation was launched after a former employee of a security firm was accused of committing sexual assault in a home, a spokeswoman said.

The woman said she was forced to perform sex acts on herself and was threatened by another woman when she tried to report the incident to authorities.

She said she told her employer about the incident and the company said it was “committed to protecting the safety and privacy of its employees.”

The FBI said the case involved a woman who said she and a former colleague were attacked by a man who forced himself on her and then sexually assaulted her.

Investigators said they are also looking at other instances of sexual assault and attempted rape, and have launched an investigation into a woman’s death.”

We are currently conducting a large-scale investigation into an incident involving a woman whose identity and location have not been made public, and we will release the results once we have completed our review,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.”

This investigation will focus on how the Department was able to identify these individuals in the first place, and the actions they took to facilitate their movements, access to, and use of personal information.”‘

It’s a very large problem’The FBI and Department of Homeland Security’s Criminal Investigative Division have been investigating the alleged online harassment, cyberstalking, and other crimes against women since 2016.”

I have personally been the victim of a number of these crimes, but they are very common and have become more common over the last several years,” the Department spokesman said.”

The threat to the safety of our employees and their families, and our communities is real.

“There are still some very large numbers of these types of crimes, and I think we need to get to the bottom of them.”

He added: “This is a very small number of them that we are concerned about.”

It is not a new problem.

It is not something new that we have come up with in the past.

“These crimes happen all the time.

It’s a fact that this is something that is a fact of life.”

If you look at the number of incidents of home invasion, the number that are reported to us, that’s actually up in the last few years.

“In a few weeks, they will be up a hundred percent.

It doesn’t matter how many people we have in our office, or how many of our agents have been working on this.”

The spokesman did not provide additional details on how many victims the investigation is looking into.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.