How one ‘white’ man is now a ‘black’ developer

A “black” developer in North Carolina has been awarded the first-ever $2.8 million development contract in the state.

The developer, who has not been named, bought the property in a foreclosure auction in 2015 for $2,849,000.

The home was purchased by a family who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to the North Carolina Housing Development Authority.

The church is an important part of the Black Church of Christ denomination in the U.S., which has roots dating back to the early 1700s.

“It’s not a black-owned property.

We’re not a member organization,” said the Rev. James L. Martin, executive director of the North Carolinians for Black Business.

“The property is owned by a church, not a family, so it was a great opportunity for the church to become involved and see what they can do.

The property is a mixed-income community, which means it’s affordable.

The community was created to be an incubator for African-American businesses.

We want to make sure the neighborhood continues to be vibrant.”

The developer purchased the property through the North County Development Authority, which is a local nonprofit agency that provides affordable housing and other financial assistance to local businesses.

It was a foreclosure sale, but the sale was successful and the property was put up for sale in 2017, said Martin.

The first home to go for sale was a three-bedroom home in the town of Fort Worth, Texas.

The buyer, a family member of a Black church member, said they were looking to make a move to a better-paying job, and she thought they could get a house for $200,000 to $300,000, according in a statement to The Associated Press.

The family member had worked at a bank and was looking for a place to rent in the area.

The next home they purchased was in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The couple moved to Charlotte in 2016 and bought a home in Woodland Hills, North Carolina, according the Charlotte Observer.

The sale was announced in January and the house was listed for $1.5 million, according WLOS.

The city of Charlotte is currently holding a contest for properties to be sold, but no one has been chosen to buy the property yet, according AP.

“We’re hoping to see a lot of people who have the same interests as the community come forward to make this happen,” said L.J. Martin.

“If it doesn’t happen we’ll do it ourselves.”

The North Carolina housing authority said it will use funds from the sale to help the family find another home.

In addition, the agency will help with legal expenses, as well as the purchase of an extra security deposit and other financing.

The agency has been providing assistance to families who are in foreclosure in North Carolinas for several years, according Martin.

About a year ago, Martin had his house auctioned off to help out a friend in the neighborhood, who had been homeless for two years.

“When you see someone being homeless and struggling financially, it’s an opportunity for them to get some help,” said Martin, who also helped with the foreclosure sale.

“That was a huge motivator for me to get involved in this.”

He said the property had been “very difficult” for him and his family.

“There are a lot families who have been struggling, and it’s difficult for them, and there are a bunch of people that have a lot to lose, so we have to find ways to help.”

The agency also is assisting with the community outreach effort.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to help these families and families that are facing the challenges of homelessness and the challenges in their community,” said Dr. David G. Smith, a Housing Authority of North Carolina executive director.

“They will not be able to make it on their own.”