Real Estate Brokers Salary in Costa Rica

A new study by the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity found that real estate brokers in Costa Rico earned an average of 722,744 pesos per month, nearly $3,600 more than the national median salary of 523,000 pesos.

The study found that the average real estate broker earned a salary of about $30,000, and the median salary was $34,000.

Costa Rica has the lowest minimum wage in Latin America, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The institute also said that the country ranks fourth among Latin American countries in minimum wages, which it said was a result of a “lack of competition.”

The institute said that while the minimum wage is a relatively high figure, it is necessary to address the lack of competition, and that the minimum wages in Costa Rican cities are lower than the minimum salaries in the United States and Europe.

The minimum wage for real estate agents in Costa Ricans cities is $16.50 an hour, according the institute.

The country’s largest city, Quito, has a minimum wage of about 6,000 dollars per month.

It is the second largest city in the country.

The national minimum wage, which is the same for all workers, is $17.25 an hour.

The Institute for Industrial and Business Freedom (IOFB) estimates that there are about 12,000 private sector real estate and property brokers working in Costa Rica.

In addition to the salaries and benefits, the institute says that the real estate industry has a number of other perks that help attract employees and attract them to the country, such as free healthcare, pensions, and tax incentives.

Costa Ricos employers also have a social security system, which can be extended for up to five years, according.

The institute says the government supports the economy through social security and other benefits.