How to sell a home with no real estate agent

I don’t own a real estate broker.

I have no experience in real estate.

I’m not a realtor.

But, I have been told by a realtors association that, if I want to sell my house, I need to go out and find a real person to help me. 

My first impression was that there are no realtives who actually do real estate for real people, and I’d have to do my homework on them.

So, I started researching real estate agents, and ended up with a website called

It’s a website where people post photos of real estate properties they are looking to buy. 

I also started reading reviews on, which was another website. 

The reviews of are pretty good. 

They’re not all good.

But the reviews of the real estate reviews of are great. 

In a survey, I sent in some questions.

Here’s what I got: How much do realtists charge? 

The realtor’s association says it charges about $3,000 for the same job as a realestate agent.

So my first question was: What is the average cost of the job I’m interested in? 

My realtor was nice enough to provide me a list of the highest-rated realtorship agents, including Baron Robert and Barbara Bennett, of Hudson Hills, New York. 

Benton Nelson, a real-estate agent who is known for his work in New York City, told me his average price for a home in Manhattan was about $2.6 million, which is $20 million less than I could afford. 

“If you were to sell the house, it would be worth less than $10 million,” Nelson told me.

I had to make sure I had the right broker, and my broker was a real, licensed real estate attorney who works in New Jersey.

I asked him how much a broker would cost me.

He told me he would charge $2,000 per transaction.

He then explained that if I sold my house to a buyer, he would need to make an additional $1,000 payment on top of the $2 million. 

So I needed to get a real real estate deal done in less than a day. 

Is it worth it? 

I started the process by calling my broker and asking him how he rated the houses.

He said, “You need to have a good history with the market and a lot of experience with real estate,” Nelson said.

“It would be a good idea to have some experience.”

Nelson’s realtor told me the typical price of a home for sale in New Hampshire is about $1.7 million, so I would need about $20,000 to get to $1 million.

So I told him I would have to pay him $2 per transaction, $10 per transaction or $20 per transaction depending on how many homes I got. 

But how do you know if you have the right deal? 

If I was to sell to someone in the area, I would be more likely to get an offer.

If I wanted to sell with a broker, I could try asking my realtor if he would be willing to sell me my house in exchange for the commission. 

How much is it?

I went to a realty store in New Brunswick, New Jersey and picked out a house for $1 per square foot.

I wanted the house to be big enough to accommodate two children, so my broker charged $2 a square foot for it.

I paid him a commission, so it cost me $2 for the deal. 

That was a great deal, and the house is now worth about $4 million.

Is it a good deal?

In my next step, I called my broker, who agreed to sell.

I wanted the money for the house. 

After we spoke, he said I could get a down payment of $1 in cash or a $500 down payment. 

What kind of down payment?

The $500 was for the down payment, and the cash would be used for the mortgage, the downpayment and any other fees I might incur. 

If the down payments were a little high, I wouldn’t be able to get the mortgage. 

Are there any fees that I need? 

Yes, there are. 

For example, if you live in New England, you need to pay a property tax, which can be $2 to $3 a year.

If you live elsewhere, you’ll have to find a mortgage lender who will give you a lower interest rate. 

Do I need insurance? 

No, you do not.

You will need to take the risk with you when you sell. 

And if you do need insurance, there is a lot you can do to avoid the tax