When did the Hilton Head condo project go to plan?

The Hilton Head project, which is under construction on the south side of the Palm Springs River, has been delayed two years and a half.

The development is the latest in a string of projects to be delayed and eventually cancelled in Palm Springs, including the planned hotel at the Palms Hotel complex that opened in 2012.

The project’s fate will be determined by the Coastal Commission.

The Coastal Commission was created by the state Coastal Commission Act of 2017.

According to the Coastal commission, there are two major projects that will likely be delayed.

One is a project to build a new highway over the river in a nearby subdivision.

That project has been on hold for years.

There are also two projects that are expected to be completed later this year.

They are both residential projects.

The first is the development of a new home at 6500 S. Central Avenue.

That will bring nearly 3,000 homes to the area.

Construction on the second is expected to begin later this month and will be finished in 2021.

But there are concerns about the second project.

A spokesperson for the Coastal Commision told ABC News that it’s not clear yet what exactly will happen to the existing property.

It will be assessed by the developer, the Coastal Conservancy, but it will be up to the developers to make a final decision.

We’ll have more to say about that in a future article.