When can I apply for an Italian passport?

The deadline for applications for Italian citizenship has now been extended to December 3.

This means applicants will now be able to apply for citizenship by February 1.

The new deadline also means anyone born in Italy in the year 2020 or later is eligible to apply.

The Italian citizenship law was introduced in 2015 after a spate of crimes linked to migrant crime.

It is currently the second-highest-level of crime in Italy after sexual offences.

In the first five months of 2016, there were 9,766 crimes linked directly to migrant gangs, according to a study by the Interior Ministry.

The number of crimes committed by migrant gangs was highest in the north-east, where migrants are often linked to drug-trafficking rings.

However, a significant number of the cases linked to the gangs were linked to domestic violence and petty crime.