Why are real estate prices so high in Wyoming?

WASHINGTON — Wyoming real estate and real estate stocks were the top-performing stocks in the nation on Monday, according to a new report.

The Wyoming Real Estate Investor’s Guide is the first annual index that tracks the nation’s top 50 U.S. real estate investors and their portfolios.

Wyoming was also the top state for stocks in 2017, according the report.

Real estate prices in Wyoming rose about 4.6% in the first quarter of 2018 to $4,093 per square foot, according data compiled by The Wall Street Journal.

That was nearly the same pace as in the year-ago quarter.

The median price per square feet rose 1.3% from a year ago to $3,737, according records compiled by the state.

Wyoming was also ranked the sixth-fastest-growing state for the year, with average real estate value of $4.3 million, according U.N. data.

It was also fourth-fast for growth in the metro area, with growth of 2.6%.

Wyoming’s median home price rose 4.3%, the fastest rate in the state and the fastest in the U.M.E. index.

The state also had the fourth-highest price growth for new housing units in the country in 2017.WYOMING, Wyo.

— Real estate prices were up 5.3%.

That’s the biggest gain in real estate values in the past three years, according figures compiled by Wyoming Real Property Investor’s Guides.

The average price of a house in Wyoming has climbed nearly 4% this year to $719,000, according a survey by The Wyo., which includes both real estate sales and rentals.

The index tracks real estate companies and their investors, and it tracks prices for a 10-year fixed mortgage that begins with a mortgage purchase and ends with the sale of a home.

Real Estate Investors Guide is compiled by an independent, nonpartisan organization.


real-estate stock index:Wyomings stock index was up 3.1% in 2018, which is the biggest rise since 2008.

Wyoming’s average price per sqft rose 2.9% to $2,847.

The national median price of homes was up $20,942 to $519,721, according DataSource.

Wichita real estate: Wichita real estate has grown faster than other states in recent years, thanks to its low cost of living.

Its median home value rose 3.2% in 2017 to $1,878, the highest price in the entire country, according To WhomIt’s Worth.

In the same period, the median home was up 8.7% in value to $824,933, according Zillow.

Wichita was also sixth-highest in growth for the metro region, at 9.6%, according to data compiled By Zillows home-improvement-oriented Zillocast.

Wichita has the sixth highest median price in America for new homes, according Home.