How to get an NC real estate license in Miami real estate

Real estate license requirements in Miami are different from other places in the US.

Here’s what you need to know.

Posted September 13, 2018 12:00:07Buy Photo Real estate students work with their instructors to prepare for the NCCM-accredited Real Estate License Examination (REX).

(Photo: Matt Rourke/The News-Press)Buy Photo ____________________________________________________________For the first time in the history of the NAC, a third of the state’s real estate licenses are being issued to non-NC residents.

The state’s licensing agency said Tuesday it expects to issue 1.7 million licenses to nonresidents in 2018, about 60 percent more than last year.

The NAC says there were nearly 1.5 million NC licenses issued in 2018 and about 990,000 to noncitizens.

The agency has not released details about the number of licenses issued to residents, although it said there are more than 2,200 licensed properties in the state.NC real estate schools teach students how to get a real estate licensing license in addition to completing the state exams and getting the NC license.

The license exam takes about four hours and is a two-day course.

The NC license is a five-year, $200,000 credential.

To qualify, a nonresident must have a permanent residence in the State of North Carolina.

That means a person who has lived in the area for at least a year must live in North Carolina for five years before obtaining a nonresidence license.

For more information on the NCAE, go to

The NCNEC is the state agency responsible for licensing and regulating real estate sales, use and occupancy.

It has a total of nearly 3.5 billion square feet of land and is the third-largest real estate market in the nation.

The agency’s website has a list of license categories, such as condominiums, office buildings, hotels and apartments, as well as a list that lists the state of residency.

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