A Florida real estate agent wants to turn his city into a ‘tourist mecca’

A Florida sales agent has launched a company to sell properties in Key West, Florida, a city that is increasingly becoming a hotbed for luxury vacation rentals.

The company, Real Estate for Sale, is using a software program called Real Estate Score to match buyers with homes, and will also track real estate transactions and the properties’ sale history.

The goal is to create an app that can help people find the perfect vacation home.

Real Estate Score is the company’s first step in a bid to compete with real estate agents in cities like Orlando, Miami, and Las Vegas that have started offering similar services.

“We’re hoping to build something that will actually help us find the best possible vacation homes in Key Washington, Florida,” said Matt McKean, Real estate for Sale’s co-founder and CEO.

“I think it’s a really good idea to do that, so that the average homeowner can find the right homes for their own family.”

The company is offering a range of homes, from luxury vacation homes, to vacation homes that have been vacant for a while.

The company is also offering a rental program, which is based on an algorithm that identifies properties with the lowest price tags available, but can also be customized to a specific person.

“It’s a real estate market, and it’s hard to find the homes for the right price in a way that makes sense for everybody,” McKeann said.

Real estate sales are expected to increase in Orlando and Miami in the coming years, as they do with other markets in the US.

And while it is not uncommon for sales to be delayed, it is also possible to see an uptick in sales if an area has become a hot destination for tourism, McKeans said.

“If you’re going to have a major influx of tourists coming to Florida, then it’s going to make sure that our real estate properties are not only attractive, but are also in good condition,” McKeeans said, noting that people often purchase vacation homes because they want to be in a location that is affordable and easy to get around.

“And so we’re trying to make it a real option for people to buy and to be able to enjoy that experience in Key, Florida.”

Real Estate for Sales is currently in a pilot program with a Key West hotel, but McKeas hope to expand the service to other Key West properties.

The firm says it will eventually offer a real-estate service in the greater Orlando area.