How to get a home in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country in the Caribbean and a tourist attraction.

Its small population and its proximity to the U.S. make it popular with people looking to get away from it.

But a recent trend of luxury homes has put a dent in its market, with the number of luxury properties going from zero to 10,000 in the past few years. 

The boom in luxury homes in the country has led to a lot of speculation on what might be the next wave of homes for the island.

Some have speculated that the island’s government could be considering allowing a certain number of millionaires to live there.

Others have suggested that the country is looking for a way to preserve its luxury tax system to avoid losing a tax break. 

“They’re not going to give you an option to buy,” said John M. Dreyfus, the former president of the Bahamas, in March 2016.

“They don’t have the money.

They don’t want to be a tax haven.

But I do believe that the government of the United States would be interested in a luxury property tax exemption for the Bahamas.” 

So what’s the problem with luxury homes?

According to a report from The Hill, there are several reasons why they’re popping up in the U