How to find the best properties in Panama City real estate

An Austin-based real estate investor and real estate broker, Dan O’Sullivan, has a new take on real estate investing.“In my opinion, the Panama real estate market is the worst in the world,” O’Sullivans told The JerusalemPost in an interview.The reason?Because Panama is a closed economy, which means that there are no foreign investors or real […]

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Why you should invest in real estate and how to get the best returns

If you’re looking for a real estate investment, you can start with a free online course.Here’s how to make the most of the course’s free introductory content.Real estate brokers are a popular career choice for millennials.The number of people in the workforce with degrees in real property management is growing rapidly.The industry also is attracting […]

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When did you become interested in real estate?

When I first started learning about real estate, it was the 1980s.It was a time when there was a lot of pent-up demand for properties and there was still a lot to be discovered.Then, with the global economic downturn, real estate prices started to soar and we were all kind of losing interest in it.We […]

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Real estate photography in Miami has a booming market

Real estate photographers and developers are taking advantage of the Miami real estate market to take advantage of a booming housing market, a new report says.“The boom in new construction is really driving a real estate boom, and that’s really fueling the demand for photography, too,” says Matthew O’Brien, senior editor at Real Estate News, […]

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How to get a home in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country in the Caribbean and a tourist attraction.Its small population and its proximity to the U.S. make it popular with people looking to get away from it.But a recent trend of luxury homes has put a dent in its market, with the number of luxury properties going from zero to 10,000 […]

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The most popular real estate agents on the planet: Top 25

More than 70 percent of the top 25 real estate agencies are located in the United States.It’s the same story with the most popular job titles for agents: Real Estate Agent.The average salary for this title is $102,000.It is the lowest of the 5 highest paid jobs, according to highest paid job title for […]

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