What Is Real Estate Stock Trading? (Part 1)

realestate,realestate stocks,stocks,investment real estate source MTV Media (US) title The Most Interesting Real Estate Investment You’ll Ever Make?(PART 1) source MTV (US),MTV Media (UK),Realestate Investing (US)—All rights reserved title Real Estate Investing: Part 1—Investing for the Long Term article real estate investment,investing,realtors,investments,realty stocks,investor real estate sources MTV News title Real estate investing: Part 2—Investment in […]

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When the sun shines, real estate prices fall

In July, the median value of a home in the Seattle area fell 5 percent.The median value is down about 25 percent over the past three years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.And while it’s still worth more than the median home price in many of the other metropolitan areas that are booming, the decline […]

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Which is the real estate industry’s worst offender in licensing?

The real estate business is an industry rife with shady practices, according to an article published on Wednesday by the Property Licensing Institute (PLI).The industry’s most notorious offenders include: Landlords who rent their properties to people for months on end and then refuse to pay up for the property, which can then be sold at […]

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Why you should buy a real estate property in Atlanta

The real estate market in the city is surging and real estate agents are seeing more and more offers from potential buyers, particularly in the area surrounding the Georgia Institute of Technology, a big campus.Real estate agent Dan Shuman has been working in Atlanta since he opened his real estate practice in 2002, and he’s […]

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