Why are hawaii realtor offices shuttered?

HONOLULU — Honduras realtor office owners have been told to shut down their businesses to protest the closure of their offices in Hawaii amid a new government law that restricts their political activities.In a letter to office owners on Tuesday, Gov.Daniel Ige said the new law, which took effect on July 1, is unconstitutional because […]

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Bahamas: Salary: $100,000

In a country where most people earn just $50,000 per year, a top real estate agent in Bahamas said his client made $100 million in a year.Hua Rong-Yee, who works as an agent at Bambang Property Management in the western suburbs of Bahama, said his clients’ salaries reached more than $100 billion in real estate […]

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Real Estate Prices in Texas Fall Back to $1.8 Million

New data released Wednesday shows that prices in Texas are back to a point where they are no longer affordable for many residents.According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report, the median income in Texas is $52,000 and the median household income is $70,000.However, Texas residents have seen a drop in housing prices in recent […]

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How to Save Your Real Estate for Your Kids

It was the time of the year to buy, sell and retire!But that doesn’t mean it’s the time to do it the hard way. With the help of this recommendation, you’ll have the peace of mind to buy and sell when you need it most. So how can you save your real estate this year? 1. Get a loan. A loan […]

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