How to get the best real estate agent in town

“We can’t have this kind of thing happen again,” says the real estate developer, who has been a real estate brokerage for 30 years.In this article, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your real estate career with real estate brokers.(1 of 3) 1.Know what you want in a realtor.The more you know […]

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Real Estate Brokers Salary in Costa Rica

A new study by the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity found that real estate brokers in Costa Rico earned an average of 722,744 pesos per month, nearly $3,600 more than the national median salary of 523,000 pesos.The study found that the average real estate broker earned a salary of about $30,000, and the median […]

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Realtors in Maui are hiring a new manager after a scandal surrounding the company led to a shakeup in its board of directors

Maui real estate broker and president of Mike O’Leary was recently fired by the company after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.O’Brien was hired to help with an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by a former client.O’Leary, who is the CEO of, was hired as the new CEO of the company in November after […]

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Why you should invest in real estate and how to get the best returns

If you’re looking for a real estate investment, you can start with a free online course.Here’s how to make the most of the course’s free introductory content.Real estate brokers are a popular career choice for millennials.The number of people in the workforce with degrees in real property management is growing rapidly.The industry also is attracting […]

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Which cities have the best deals on real estate?

Las Vegas real estate agent Andrew O’Malley (above) told Financial Post that he likes to think of his job as being “like a game of telephone, where you’re trying to sell a lot of properties in a short amount of time.”He also loves working with people from all walks of life.“If I could work with […]

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