What Is Real Estate Stock Trading? (Part 1)

realestate,realestate stocks,stocks,investment real estate source MTV Media (US) title The Most Interesting Real Estate Investment You’ll Ever Make?(PART 1) source MTV (US),MTV Media (UK),Realestate Investing (US)—All rights reserved title Real Estate Investing: Part 1—Investing for the Long Term article real estate investment,investing,realtors,investments,realty stocks,investor real estate sources MTV News title Real estate investing: Part 2—Investment in […]

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When is your mortgage due? – Real estate license Texas

Real estate licensing in Texas is getting a boost in 2018 as the legislature passes a bill that allows licensees to charge higher prices for properties.Texas lawmakers have approved a bill allowing real estate licensing to be expanded.It would apply to any property with a value of $1 million or more.Real estate licensees are currently […]

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How to find a house for less in the real estate industry

Real estate agents have had a tough year.In a state with a $5 trillion housing bubble and soaring real estate prices, agents are struggling to compete with their competitors and to maintain their professional standards.But there are still some things you can do to find cheaper houses.Here are five tips to help you find a […]

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When a real estate agent loses his license: Why you need a license in Idaho

Posted September 06, 2018 07:08:02 Idaho real estate license requirements are more stringent than in most states.Here’s what you need to know.title Idaho real property license requirements: The new real estate broker license article Posted June 19, 2018 09:27:54 Idaho realty license requirements were announced last year and have been changing as of this summer.It […]

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How to sell your home in Texas and still make a profit

Texas may be the land of tax breaks, but you can still make money selling your home, even if you’re not the highest-earning homeowner in the state.The only rule for sale sales in Texas is that you have to pay the buyer a fair market value, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer can’t get […]

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