Bahamas: Salary: $100,000

In a country where most people earn just $50,000 per year, a top real estate agent in Bahamas said his client made $100 million in a year.Hua Rong-Yee, who works as an agent at Bambang Property Management in the western suburbs of Bahama, said his clients’ salaries reached more than $100 billion in real estate […]

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Why do real estate brokers charge too much for a mortgage?

Real estate professionals are not immune to the financial market meltdown.Many people who are making the most of their careers have had their mortgages wiped out.But for many others, the losses have been significant and their incomes stagnant.Many real estate professionals have no choice but to make their mortgage payments to the banks.That’s why many […]

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When Will My Home be Expensive?

Cap Rate Real Estate is a luxury real estate education company that offers tuition for students of all skill levels.Students receive a personalized suite of tools to help them manage their real estate portfolio, maximize their profits, and learn the real value of their home.Students can also earn real estate finance credits to maximize their […]

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The real estate market has become a bubble

A market that has grown so big that real estate agents can’t keep up with demand and prices are soaring has turned into a bubble.The realtor, real estate agent, realtor recruiter, realtors and realtivist, realestate brokers and agents are scrambling to stay ahead of the growing trend.The trend is not new, and it is not […]

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