Why are real estate prices so high in Wyoming?

WASHINGTON — Wyoming real estate and real estate stocks were the top-performing stocks in the nation on Monday, according to a new report.The Wyoming Real Estate Investor’s Guide is the first annual index that tracks the nation’s top 50 U.S. real estate investors and their portfolios.Wyoming was also the top state for stocks in 2017, […]

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Stock to drop $2,200 on Wilmington, N.C. real estate deal

The stock is down $2.20, or 2.2%, after the Wilmington, North Carolina, company announced plans to buy its real estate business from U.S. Realty Corp. The stock has been trading lower recently, closing at $2 for the week.U.R.S.’s real estate brokerage said Wednesday that it expects to make the sale in the first half of […]

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How to find a house for less in the real estate industry

Real estate agents have had a tough year.In a state with a $5 trillion housing bubble and soaring real estate prices, agents are struggling to compete with their competitors and to maintain their professional standards.But there are still some things you can do to find cheaper houses.Here are five tips to help you find a […]

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When will the Mets be back?

New York Mets President Steve Tisch said Tuesday the team is expected to begin training camp in mid-August, with a number of new players expected to start camp with the team.The team was scheduled to start its training camp on Aug. 21, with several key pieces still on the bubble, including first baseman Mark Reynolds, […]

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How to get a mortgage in New York real estate

Posted October 11, 2018 07:15:23How to get an affordable mortgage in a major New York City real estate market?This guide will show you exactly how to get your first mortgage in the city.It is the perfect way to save on mortgage costs and help your new home purchase get off the ground faster.If you want […]

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