A guide to real estate appraisals: 10 key concepts

The first time I met Nick, he was in a car wreck.He was a single dad and a lifelong homebuilder who didn’t want his wife, Stephanie, to get involved with his construction business.But when she did, he went out and bought a condo and the couple moved into a $400,000 home on Long Island, New […]

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Why are real estate prices so high in Wyoming?

WASHINGTON — Wyoming real estate and real estate stocks were the top-performing stocks in the nation on Monday, according to a new report.The Wyoming Real Estate Investor’s Guide is the first annual index that tracks the nation’s top 50 U.S. real estate investors and their portfolios.Wyoming was also the top state for stocks in 2017, […]

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How to get a house on the market in a day

With the Israeli election looming, it’s important to take advantage of the real estate market in Israel and make your move.There are a few ways you can secure a home in Israel, including renting or buying it outright.You’ll need to do some research first, though.If you can’t find a place in Israel that fits your […]

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When is your mortgage due? – Real estate license Texas

Real estate licensing in Texas is getting a boost in 2018 as the legislature passes a bill that allows licensees to charge higher prices for properties.Texas lawmakers have approved a bill allowing real estate licensing to be expanded.It would apply to any property with a value of $1 million or more.Real estate licensees are currently […]

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When can I apply for an Italian passport?

The deadline for applications for Italian citizenship has now been extended to December 3.This means applicants will now be able to apply for citizenship by February 1.The new deadline also means anyone born in Italy in the year 2020 or later is eligible to apply.The Italian citizenship law was introduced in 2015 after a spate […]

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Why are hawaii realtor offices shuttered?

HONOLULU — Honduras realtor office owners have been told to shut down their businesses to protest the closure of their offices in Hawaii amid a new government law that restricts their political activities.In a letter to office owners on Tuesday, Gov.Daniel Ige said the new law, which took effect on July 1, is unconstitutional because […]

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