How to make an ‘easy’ move: Can I rent an apartment?

VANCOUVER — With a price tag of $1.9 million, Vancouver real estate is the most expensive in Canada and is the subject of a popular online ad campaign by a group of renters who want to sell their homes.But a lot of people, especially people who have no intention of moving, don’t want to make […]

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Why I love my real estate classes

In this article I’m going to give you the reasons why I love learning real estate courses.These are not just the facts, but the reasons they are worth the time and money.1.You can build your business with real estate 1.1.If you are interested in real estate I suggest you get into it, and start working […]

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Why the real estate market is on the brink of a bubble

A new report from the American Bankers Association says that the U.S. housing market is heading for another crash, this time one with a vengeance.The report, released Thursday, said that as many as 20% of the homes sold in the U.”s housing market over the past six months have been priced out of reach,” the […]

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How to Buy a Real Estate License in New York

NEW YORK — The New York State Department of Financial Services has issued new rules that will force buyers and sellers to have a license for real estate transactions in the state.The rules, which will take effect July 1, make it more difficult for non-residents to buy and sell real estate in New Jersey.The new […]

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What are the hottest real estate markets in the U.S.?

The Real Estate Board of Georgia said Tuesday that Atlanta is the hottest housing market in the country, surpassing New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Las Vegas.The real estate board says Atlanta has been the top market in Atlanta since July.It’s the only city in Georgia with more listings per capita than Las Vegas […]

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Real Estate Blogs Top 20 Real Estate Websites with Best Prices

LOS ANGELES, CA—In a post that received widespread praise, Real announced the top 20 websites for real estate reviews, listing the best realtor reviews, best deals, best home listings, and most popular real estate features.“Real estate reviews are the best way to understand the properties, properties, and properties of others,” said Real CEO […]

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