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What We Do
Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients and to deliver the requires result at a competitive price. As a result, Messrs Muhammed & Co., its subsidiaries and associate companies have successfully completes many assignments both in Overseas and Nigeria, for a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors. We are among the leading Estate Surveyors, Valuers and Facilities/Property Management Consultants in Nigeria.
The Corporate Organizational Structure of the firm consists of Board of partners including Chairman/Chief Executive with corresponding departments, divisions and staff groups that provide advice, counsel and expert support in a wide variety of technical areas.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified professionals brings years of extensive international and national business experience together to benefit you. The firm is oriented towards privacy for its customers our staff follows your instructions and reveals your business only to you.
The firm is organized into five (5) Departments: -
a. Property and Facility Management Department (PFMD)
b. Property Valuation and Inventory Department (PVID)
c. Property Agency (Brokerage) and Acquisition Department (PAAD)
d. Property Investment and Development Department (PIDD)
e. Partnership Administration and Finance Department (PAFD)
Properties and Facilities Management:
The Services of property and facilities management department with its divisions covers all areas of land administration, comprehensive property Management techniques in the operation of existing facilities/properties and administration of land or land and building. Our mission is to help clients reduce the element of uncertainty land to control the degree of risk inherent in property business and ownership. The services of the department are designed to make life easier and to add value to your property holdings. We are always concerned with the performances of property assets on behalf of owner who are looking for specific investment income or revenue.
We continually develop and refine our property management processes and service levels to enhance your experience of patronizing our services in this department.
Our PFM Services are summarized viz: -
(i) We assist clients to develop Property/Facilities plans, including forecasting of revenue and expenses to the element of uncertainty and to control the degree of risk inherent in Real Estate decisions, and ownership
(ii) We provide property Maintenance Service with professionals work orders, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Custodial Services, Grounds, Security, etc., which ensures that the interest of owners and tenants are expressed consistently.
(iii) We seek and select tenants, Review leases and tenancies for execution, Collect Rent, including looking for ways to increase Income, Lease Renewals, Monitoring and Responding to tenants issues, Cost Control, Keep Data Files, Maintaining Accounting and Operating Records for all client’s property.
(iv) We undertake the Administration of common Services and Service Charge Funds for client’s multi-tenanted properties, as part of the day-to-day responsibilities of the department.
(v) We provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and land Information System (LIS) as tools to support Land Administration and Record Keeping, Analysis and Retrieval for decision-making by Government, non-profit and private sector activities.
(vi) We handle tenant’s search, acquisition and relations with good tenant’s/retention programmes for all properties under our management.
Our services in this Department cover Real Estate like, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties, hotels and motels, residential/apartment buildings, recreational lands, pre-developed lands, agricultural and undeveloped land, specially use properties.
We continually develop and refine our Property Management Processes and Service levels to enhance your experience of patronizing our services in this department.
Property Valuation and Inventory:
Property Valuation is arguably the single most important type of Real Estate Analysis. Our services can help you (buyer, seller, developer) determine the best price or rent, which might reasonably be expected for an interest in a property with coded inventory, if required. This information may be used for public and private acquisition, private equity transactions, insurance, divestments, flotation and/or mortgage transactions.
We value all property types, including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties, hotels and motels, residential/apartment buildings, recreational lands, pre-developed lands, agricultural and undeveloped land, specially use properties. Others are vehicles. Office equipment, plant and machinery, agricultural equipment, economic trees, farm crops, fine art, new antique furniture and stock.
Our Valuation Services for a wide variety of client needs, viz:-
(i) We use sophisticated techniques of valuation analysis in assisting client to make a basic decision to hold, sell or re-finance his property holding, for greater benefit.
(ii) We provide Valuation and Advisory Services to such clients as Banks, Pension fund Managers, Insurance, Investment and Development companies-as major actors in development process, financing purchase and sale of Real Estate and other Assets. Also, for their due diligence work in connection with new public securities issues, mergers, and consolidations, balance sheet assignments and so forth. This service is also available to public sector institutions, commissions and agencies.
(iii) We undertake Compensation Valuation for Compulsory Acquisitions, made by governments at all levels, in the public interest.
(iv) We undertake Rating Valuation, and other Property Tax Assessments to establish Annual Tax payments from land and property owners, for all tiers of Government. We also do the tax collection for the clients.
(v) We can help clients to develop an Asset Register (Computerized or Manual) for Comprehensive control of their property stock with physical location and condition reports. The Assets can be coded and engraved with necessary labels for security, verification, and identification exercises.
(vi) We undertake periodic Revaluation and Rent Review of your property portfolio holding, to reflect market condition, portfolio performance/measurement, improved return and/or renegotiation of tenancies lease or for sale.
Our integrated approach to valuation services enables our clients to be clear on what represents fair value for their Real Estate or property holdings and what options are available to them to make a decision.
This department is responsible for the valuation of assets worldwide viz: -
Land and Building
Plant and Machinery
Furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment
Computer and computer Accessories
Motor Vehicles
Feasibility and Viability appraisal
Property Agency (Brokerage) and Acquisition:
We serve clients as experts and resource on the health and availability of Real Estate in the local geographical market we operate. Our knowledge and contacts (with other brokers and property owners) for the type of Real Estate you are seeking to acquire or dispose of can help you successfully identify potential Real Estate sites, and help you successfully acquire or dispose of Real Estate in a timely manner. You will benefit from our in-house Real Estate and financial Analysis expertise, if you appoint us to handle your Real Estate sale and purchase (or lease) negotiations and other transactions world-wide.
We will help you in your property search and selection process from start to finish and to provide you with complimentary services along the way.
The Department provides specialist services to clients, viz: -
(i) We enlist the best efforts of our firm to identify locations on behalf of clients for their occupation, relocation, investment, purchase, etc.
(ii) If and when clients decide on location, we can negotiated terms of lease (sale or purchase) on their behalf and in their interest, taking advantage of our knowledge of the Real Estate market and the terms of numerous ones negotiated for other clients by our firm.
(iii) In today’s world, Real Estate buyers and lenders should ask for an Environmental Review before the consummation of a deal. This is because of various Environmental Regulations and the risks of hazardous substances. A review will provide an analysis of the nature of any environmental problems and the potential cost to cure. Our experienced staff with services of an environmental Engineer and Lawyer can undertake environmental review, which includes, but not limited to: -
? A Review of title documents.
? A Review of existing environmental lien.
? An inspection of the property for potential environmental hazard, and risks.
? Site Analysis.
? Review of relevant laws.
? Submission of a Formal Report to the client.
(iv) We handle sales and leasing of properties for corporate clients, developers, government departments and individual owners, since we know the local market condition and have advantageous access to prospects, professionally.
(v) Our Property Documentation Services (PDS), assist clients to obtain Government Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), and/or Governor’s Consent to assign, sublet land or land and building nationwide.
(vi) We represent claimants or owners of land or land and buildings acquired compulsorily by Government, for public purpose, during assessment of Compensation and payments to the owner community or individual.
(vii) We assist developers to raise finance, including soliciting a number of investors to purchase a limited partnership interests in a given Real Estate investment opportunity.
We believe you can rely on our brokerage services due to our local knowledge, whether you are seeking residential, office, warehouse, manufacturing or retail space agricultural or vacant land, etc. this frees you to pursue your primary responsibilities, as a business man or employer.

4.Property Investment and Developement:
Real Estate development is the continual reconfiguration of the built environment to meet society’s needs. While there exists an individual entrepreneurial developer, it is important to note that developers can also be financial institutions, corporations, universities, medical centers, private investors’ centers, municipalities and others. This activity will continue to grow more and more complex due to changes in population, technology and taste.
However, at a minimum, development requires some elements: coming up with the idea, refining it, testing its feasibility, negotiating contracts, making formal commitment, constructing the project, completing it and opening it. Thus, development process requires interaction of professional among different functions – site acquisition, construction, finance, project management, marketing and government relations, etc. The developer must ensure that all these elements are done on schedule and executed reasonably within budgets.
On investment, individuals and institutions can acquire real property for occupation purposes or as an asset for storing wealth overtime; and for such investment they need professional advice.
Our services in this Department cover the following: -
(i) Before a development is initiated, our firm can help a developer to analyze the market for a particular project type and, at the same time, assess the potential projects marketability.
(ii) We provide counseling to developers covering broad range of services from Real Estate investment analysis (Feasibility and Variability Studies), choice between development projects to working with lawyers to draft agreements and/or testify in lawsuits for clients.
(iii) We assist developers to assemble essential to their schemes with benefits and cost in mind.
(iv) Due to our knowledge of the market, we provide the necessary guidance to developers in making briefs to architects, especially as regards density, layout, design and materials, and can obtain planning permission for the scheme.
(v) We work closely with developers to arrange finance for a development scheme, including collaborating on a partnership basis with sector or institutions.
(vi) Our firm can serve as Project Manager or Co-ordinator to lead a term of selected Specialists Consultants (Architect, Quantity, Developers, Letting Agents, etc.) to find, evolve and carry out development schemes for clients.
(vii) Investment in Real property is carried out by private persons, private trusts and the institutions insurance companies, pension funds, charities, property companies, property bond funds and property unit trusts. We help such investors to examine an estate or interest for the possibility of growth of income, capital gain, income risk or capital risk before and/or after acquisition.
(viii) We can do investment analysis to assess the likely risks and returns associated with the business in order to determine its investment potential and to advice clients accordingly.
Today, property development requires more knowledge than ever before about prospective markets and marketing, patterns of urban growth, legal requirements, local regulations, public policy, agreements and contracts, elements of building design, site development, construction techniques, environmental issues, infrastructure, financing, risk control and time management.
Thus, the ever-increasing capacities and complexities along each of these dimensions have resulted in increase need for our specialized professional services. This Department can be relied upon to serve your needs.

Toady, the professions no longer serve privileges few. They meet needs of and depend upon companies and/or corporations, institutions and the public at large. Our firm in particular assures its clients the widest choice of professional advisors/services and the qualitative way the services are rendered.
While PAFD leads the firm’s practice development it ensures effective management of Muhammed & Co. and oversees its other departments. Together they provide professional services, which are efficient, answerable for its activities and charges fees closely related to the actual cost of work performed. Furthermore, the department is responsible for the development of New Business and human resource developments for the firm and its clients.
The specific functions of the Department include: -
i. To work hard to increase the firm’s fee income through the mix or work, which has greater compatibility with the firm’s skills, resources interest and specialization.
ii. To create good career opportunities for staff thus making the firm attractive to higher caliber recruits to the firm, as well as helping to retain both professional and support staff.
iii. To ensure improved services to clients through an understanding of their needs, which enables the firm, to ensure that the services it offers, are wholly compatible with them (needs).
iv. To be responsible for identifying, targeting and developing potential large institutions and high net worth clients in the Real Estate services sector.
v. To be responsible for penetrating into new customers, creating awareness, developing a need and creating a preference for the Muhammed & Co.’s Real Estate solutions, as well as closing deals.
vi. To develop body of knowledge and educational o training materials for Real Estate professional to learn Real Estate marketing, estate accounting, facilities management, computer appreciation and Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) and Land Management and Administration System including GIS.
vii. To handle professional relations through interaction of Muhammed & Co. with its own and linked professions networking with other firms, etc.
viii. To use a transparent method to arrive at fees which are acceptable to firm, to clients and will not influence third publics (possible referees) adversely.
ix. To ensure property and effective management of the firm’s finances, including its investment in all sectors.
Successful practice development depends not just on satisfying needs but also on identifying them whether or not the prospective client recognize a requirement or that a need can be satisfied by any particular service like our services at Muhammed & Co.